About Freeform Fitness

Freeform Fitness exists to support, coach, and consult individuals during their journey to achieve more strength and muscle as well as lose weight and body fat.

Mike Koger

In my late 20's I got serious about my health and fitness and began to experiment with different types of training with the goal of achieving a better body. During the last 10 years I have experienced highs and lows in my fitness journey. Knowing the value of accountability and being passionate about my fitness pushed me to begin helping others with these same issues.

Mike Koger

Mike's Process

Mike uses a simple process to help individuals make better fitness improvements, improve core strength, tone all areas of the body, track their progress, celebrate wins and achieve better results. Mike offers practical methods for health and fitness improvement through one on one coaching, one on one personal training, group coaching, group personal training, online personal training, nutritional targets, advice and accountability, movement form progress, fitness consulting, free health and fitness content, boot camps, complimentary workshops, free online content and free 30 day fitness plans.