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May 27, 2021

Freeform Fitness Philosophy

Freeform Fitness Philosophy to living a healthy lifestyle is primarily built on the foundation of simplicity. After working in the fitness industry for several years (with exposure to hundreds of clients and prospective clients), it became apparent that information overload is rampant in the fitness industry. Furthermore, there is an extreme distraction in the industry due to widespread marketing of non-essential trends. This is to say, there are a lot of easy ways to take your eye off the ball and become focused on something that isn’t adding much value to your health, fitness or life.

This is why I take pride in my slogan. The simplest path from out of shape and unmotivated to toned up and energized. The majority of people I have talked to that are trying to get started (and often restarted) in their fitness journey say something like “I just don’t know what to do.” I bet I hear that phrase well over 50% of the time when I speak to a prospective client for the first time.

The overwhelming need for making fitness and health less complicated is my purpose.

Freeform Fitness Philosophy Components of Health and Fitness

Freeform Fitness Philosophy for health and fitness are built from 3 (and only 3 blocks). These blocks include exercise, nutrition and sleep. Move, eat and sleep. It’s that easy.

These topics don’t seem super sexy. They are actually boring to some degree. But its actually pretty relieving when we look at this premise against the world we live in today. Think about all the fad workouts or diets. There are tons of supplements that are touted as the pill that will fix your fitness. None of these are involved in getting 8 hours of sleep, tracking your nutrition and getting a few hours of strength training every week.

Freeform Fitness Philosophy – Conclusion

Eating, sleeping and moving in the right dosage is all you need to live a health/fit life. Don’t listen to the noise and distraction of the culture we live in about what fad works the best.

And if you want support creating a sustainable lifestyle that keeps you health and fit, contact me!

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