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February 3, 2021

Mike Porter

He is Always Prepared and Focused on My Goals

I was looking for a new personal trainer and I picked Mike Koger because I had observed him with other clients. He was always very attentive to his clients and moved with a purpose, whether with a client or not. This has been my experience with him over the past year. He is always prepared and focused on my goals, which were to improve overall muscle mass and strength. I have found that Mike has the expertise to customize a workout strategy to meet my goals and employs the right balance to safely push me in the needed direction. He always takes the time to show me the correct method for an exercise, as many times as needed, and to make sure that I use the proper form. Mike has modified or changed to a different exercise whenever I had difficulty with a particular move, always maintaining focus to achieve results. Mike Koger is very personable and makes working out not only worthwhile, by making every session count, but also enjoyable with friendly conversation. He is very passionate about his work, it’s not just a job for him. My training sessions with Mike have been a rewarding and an enjoyable experience, so far I’ve gained at least 10 lbs of muscle!

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