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May 11, 2021

The Benefits of Resistance Training

The benefits of resistance training are well documented. Resistance training can help improve functional mobility, strengthen your bones and increase your metabolism. No matter what your overall fitness goals are, resistance training can help to provide results. Resistance training can also help you maintain your health and fitness as you age. It helps protect you from bone loss which is common among adults. Resistance training will also help balance important hormones in both men and women. It also can improves body composition by reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass. It also increases metabolism. Lastly, resistance training helps to prevent injury because of stronger muscle tissue and stronger bones.

You need to include both cardio and resistance training in your life in order to maintain optimal health. The benefits of resistance training are obvious (see above). So, the primary focus of your workouts should be on resistance training. This is because it impacts so many areas of your fitness and overall health. You can decrease pain, prevent injury, lose weight by focusing the majority of your workout efforts on resistance training. Furthermore, resistance training makes it easier to maintain your ideal weight. Throughout the rest of your life, you should also make sure you get a minimum level of  Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) movement to keep your cardiovascular health on track.

Ultimately, a commitment to your fitness and health will involve cardio and resistance training at the appropriate levels. If you are looking for a place to start, contact me!

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